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                                  These uncertain times have shown us just how much your donors want to contribute to good in the world. Lean on DonorPerfect’s money-raising, donor-engaging tools to give them the opportunity to be a part of the stories that bring us together.

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                                  • Donor data hosted in Canada
                                  • Bilingual support and training
                                  • Billing in Canadian dollars
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                                  Raise more with top-rated donor management and fundraising tools.

                                  Take a Look

                                  PACKAGES + PRICING

                                  Choose a fundraising software package that meets your needs and budget.

                                  Find Your Fit

                                  SOFTWARE DEMO

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                                  Get a Demo


                                  Show gratitude to your supporters with receipts that follow Canadian Revenue Agency standards.

                                  Learn More


                                  Create beautiful, branded donation forms that are as unique as your mission.


                                  DonorPerfect Mobile Receipting

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                                  Using DonorPerfect’s Receipting tools, you can send out email and letter receipts to your valued donors, as well as thank donors for the donations they have made.


                                  • Send email receipts, letter receipts, or both.
                                  • Send individual or consolidated receipts
                                  • Send acknowledgements with or without an official receipt
                                  • Reissue receipts by email or by letter
                                  • Preview every email receipt message before it is sent
                                  • Customize templates for each occasion: add an image, colors, hyperlinks
                                  • Issue receipts and acknowledgements in English, French or any other language
                                  • Include currency symbol
                                  • E-receipt securely encrypted
                                  • Create contact records for sent receipts automatically
                                  • Generate notification letters for tribute donations
                                  Fundraising in the New Normal

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                                  This collection of resources is designed to see your mission through COVID-19. Packed with advice from nonprofit peers and the strategies, tools, and templates to fundraise from home, your team will be equipped to connect with your donors in new ways and feel closer than ever to your community of support, even while you’re apart.

                                  READ IT NOW

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                                  DonorPerfect equips your nonprofit team to accomplish just about everything on your plate, from routine daily tasks like data entry to big picture initiatives like annual campaigns.


                                  Effortlessly collect online, mobile, and monthly gifts through integrated forms and processing.

                                  Learn More


                                  Streamline daily operations with time-saving tools, automatic features, and integrations.


                                  GROW YOUR DONOR COMMUNITY

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                                  Learn More

                                  RALLY YOUR SUPPORTERS

                                  Host can’t-miss digital events with auction software and dedicated event websites.

                                  Learn More

                                  GET TO KNOW YOUR DONORS

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                                  Learn More

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                                  When you purchase DonorPerfect, our expert team partners with yours so everyone you lean on can learn and leverage your new system on Day 1 and beyond.

                                  Personalized New Customer Onboarding

                                  Learn More

                                  On-Demand New User Webinar Series

                                  Learn More

                                  Top-Rated Customer Support

                                  Learn More

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                                  DonorPerfect clients love our dedicated customer service team and our commitment to their success.

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                                  DonorPerfect Community Dashboard

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                                  Stay aligned while working online. DonorPerfect is your nonprofit team’s central data source for coordinated development efforts.

                                  DonorPerfect User in nonprofit fundraising meeting

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                                  Here at DonorPerfect, our terms are based on our top priorities: your happiness and success. That’s why, we offer a low upfront deposit, flexible monthly payment options, and no long term contracts.

                                  Slideshow of nonprofit resource guides

                                  Learn and Grow While You #WFH

                                  Access fundraising guides, expert webinars, and donor engagement templates anytime, from anywhere in the Nonprofit Resources Library.

                                  GET THE GUIDES

                                  Join a Growing Community of Over 50,000 Nonprofit Professionals

                                  DonorPerfect is an amazing tool for our organization. I truly could not do my job without it. The simple design, deep functionality capabilities, and endless customization options make it an amazing CRM for nonprofits.”

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                                  10 years with DonorPerfect. Still a strong yes. DonorPerfect is fast, cloud-based and accessible anywhere, powerful and flexible, customizable, and easy enough for new staff to use comfortably and with confidence while the admins can create calculated fields and custom report solutions.”
                                  – Rick M., Advancement Operations Manager

                                  Our experience with DonorPerfect has been excellent for 10+ years. It allows us to track all of our donors’ giving history as well as update their contact information very easily…The reports allow us to analyze where we are and where we need to be financially as an organization.”
                                  – Carrie M., Development Director

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                                  or call 800-220-8111

                                  Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resources for Nonprofits

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